Trial simulation at the Administrative Court of Appeal of Lyon and panel discussion at Law School of the Catholic University of Lyon

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This exceptional event takes part in the context of the public debate coordinated by the CNIL (French Data Protection Authority):“Ethics & Numerical: algorithms in discussion”.

Trial simulation : "2030 : An automatic vehicle destroys a lamppost at Place Bellecour in Lyon "

The event is organized in partnership with UCLY university, Bar of Lyon, and Transposlis (Transpolis is a joint-venture company grouping technology companies (Keolis, Renault Trucks, CNH industrial), insurance company (Groupama), research center (IFSTTAR))


  • Save the date :  Wednesday, June 28  2017


-        9.30 am to 11 am at the Administrative Court of Appeal of Lyon

-        2.30 pm  to 5pm  at Campus St Paul, law school, Lyon


The day is divided in two parts:


-        lawsuit simulation from 9.30 am to 11 am


May 6th 2029, Mr Dalleau, was driving a fully automatic Tirex car when he suddenly had an accident at Bellecour place in Lyon. His vehicle deviates and destroyed an outdoor lamp belonging to a pizzeria.

According to the decree of the October 3rd 2028 of the Mayor of Lyon, only automatic vehicle are allowed to drive in this area.

This type of car is interacting with “Follow me” sensors in charged of guiding the vehicle. Maintenance and good functioning of the sensors are ensured by the city.

The owner of the car claims, based on an expert assessment that, deviation was due to a failure of the guidance sensors which are managed by the city of Lyon.

Consequently, the insurance General Shield (subrogated to the rights of M. Dalleau) asks the court to declare the city liable. The company financial compensation amounts to 58 948, 23 euros corresponding to the cost of damages.



The concept of “Future of Digital Technologies law clinic” pursues two goals:

- The moot court experience offers a learning experience to students by playing a scenario supervised by professionals.

- The lawsuit simulation allows confronting autonomous complex systems with the current legal world in order to anticipate future legal issues. Therefore this virtual situation could make people think about prospective and substantive rules as legal answers to future dispute.


Moreover, this exercise compel a multidisciplinary work which enable transversal approach of prospective legal issue by bringing companies, students and courts closer.


-        panel discussion form 2.30 pm to 5pm


. A feedback  about the law clinic and ethic concerns :

Students will present the simulated trial experience

       Régis Fraisse, President of the  administrative court of appeal

       Thierry Magnin, rector of UCLY  
       Marjolaine Monot-Fouletier, associate professor in public law at UCLY



. Propositions of legal modelling and framework :

What is the framework for public intervention?

      Frédéric Ricard, co-writer of a report on automation of cars (Ministry of environment, energy and sea)


Algorithms and liability:

     Marc Clément, Administrative Court of Appeal of Lyon


Personal data protection:

     Michel Guilbot, researcher at IFSTTAR


The afternoon aims to draw lessons from the experience and by developing some questions raised by the trial. The main issue is to point out the importance for lawyers to be more involved in the innovation process and the development of new technologies.